RECIPE: Chard Wraps

Looking for the convenience of a wrap with 10 x the nutrition!? This is the recipe for you! Plenty of menus offer a “healthy wrap” in their Lite Bites or Healthy Options section. News flash! Most tortillas are loaded with lard, additives and preservatives (to keep them from molding and help them get crispy and brown perfectly!) Turn any tortilla package over at the grocery store. … Continue reading RECIPE: Chard Wraps

RECIPE: Spinach Wraps

Did you and your waistline survive the Fourth of July celebrating!? Time to jumpstart your healthy recovery week, right? The is the perfect in-a-rush-but-still-want-to-eat-something-healthy-lunch! It’s almost too simple to post.  But I like to be reminded that life CAN BE SIMPLE. Things don’t have to always be a production. You don’t have to have a picture perfect menu/meal/offering.  We eat to live and nourish, so … Continue reading RECIPE: Spinach Wraps

RECIPE: Red Pepper Humus

My mother is often whipping up various Cuisinart creations.  This is her Red Pepper Hummus recipe. Easy and delicious! 1 can chick peas drained and rinsed (to remove salt) 1/3 cup tahini (or grind your own sesame seeds) 1/4 cup lemon joice 2 T olive oil 1 clove garlic or garlic powder 1/2-3/4 cup roasted red  bell peppers  I used a whole jar including liquid I … Continue reading RECIPE: Red Pepper Humus