RECIPE: Protein Packed Chocolate Brownie Smoothie

If you’ve not checked out the Muffin Myth Blog, yet, you should. Katie Trant posted a recipe for a Black Bean smoothie, which she created to add planted-based protein to her diet. I was intrigued, but I have to admit, skeptical it would be potable! I tweaked her recipe a bit and created my own version of this tasty treat.   INGREDIENTS: 1 frozen banana … Continue reading RECIPE: Protein Packed Chocolate Brownie Smoothie

RECIPE: Walnut Clusters

I used to hit the McDonalds drive thru for a large McFlurry when I had a hankering for something sweet.  Thankfully now that I actually care about the quality of food I eat, I have a different approach.  Don’t get me wrong, I still have to feed the ole’ sweet tooth, so I’ve gotten in the habit of just whipping up desserts from the healthy, all-natural … Continue reading RECIPE: Walnut Clusters