RANT: Happy Plates

Are we taught from an early age not to waste food? My husband was told clean his plate as a child because of the “starving Armenians”.  My mother actually used to tell us: “It’s just as wasted if you don’t want it”. Isn’t it? But I do want it. Don’t I? I remember when my fantabulous step-mother came aboard, the dinner menu changed, and for the … Continue reading RANT: Happy Plates

RULE: Eat fruits and vegetables at every meal.

Thats fruitssssss and vegetablesssss. Plural intended.  Really, you could eat just fruitssssss and vegetablessss all day long and the weight would literally fall off (as long as the vegetation isn’t battered and fried or dipped in mayo or ranch dressing).  You wouldn’t even have to exercise.  Raw vegetables and real fruit are nature’s little gifts to us and our health. Packed with nutrients, vitamins, and … Continue reading RULE: Eat fruits and vegetables at every meal.