RULE: Sleep

Have you heard the phrase “I’ll sleep when I’m dead?” I used to think this was clever, I now know how important sleep really is! There is a reason there is a Starbucks on every corner, and it’s because most of us do not get enough sleep.  But how much is enough? 4 hours is not enough, neither is 6.  A lot of patients tell … Continue reading RULE: Sleep

RANT: Tis’ The Season

The holidays are a frenzy of food and family and gifts and chaos.  We often loose track of what it is all about.  Caught in the stress of having the right ‘stuff’–under the tree, on the menu, the right stuffed packed as you load up the car or suitcase for holiday travel.  Spend 3 minutes at any baggage claim or check out line and you’re … Continue reading RANT: Tis’ The Season

RANT: The New Year’s Diet

For 7 years strait I have said “get healthier” and “remember people’s names better” as my New Year’s Resolutions.  And every year has ended with minimal progress in either arena. Although….. this year was a success! I still fumble with acquaintances’ appellations, but fortunately, thanks to the Integrative Institute of Nutrition I have found my passion and found a way to make real change in my … Continue reading RANT: The New Year’s Diet

RULE: Enjoy Your Splurge

If you are going to indulge, make it count. Have you ever tried to curb your sugar craving with a Snackwell cookie or a low-fat, sugar-free tasteless ‘dessert’? What happens? You are left unsated and wanting more. Don’t waste time with a waxy Tootsie roll or a sugar-free, taste free, faux variation of dessert.  Go for the real thing. And allow yourself to enjoy the deliciousness.  … Continue reading RULE: Enjoy Your Splurge

RECIPE: Easiest Lunch Ever!

You’re not going to believe you hadn’t thought of this yourself.  Or maybe you already have, but didn’t think it blog-worthy. Back when I was eating massive amounts of food while hoping to trim down (which has been most of my life, really), I tried the Atkins’ Diet. A diet that can be really effective, initially, plus you get to eat cheese!  No carbs for … Continue reading RECIPE: Easiest Lunch Ever!

Surround Yourself with Healthy People

The next time you are out to eat, look around you. Notice the number of fit vs obese people in the restaurant -observe both patrons and employees.  This is a good indicator of whether the restaurant you’ve chosen will support your health. If you frequent overweight feeding spots, you are likely on your way to joining the millions of hefty Americans – because guess what packs on the … Continue reading Surround Yourself with Healthy People